Thursday, July 10, 2008

Maw Sit Sit vs Jadeite and Malachite

Some of the the confusion between jadeite and maw sit sit has to do with the fact that both stones are mined in the same area. For a long time, many assumed that maw sit sit was just a variety of the jade. It wasn't until gemologist Eduard Gubelin studied the stones that it was determined that they are, in fact, two separate gemstones.

Maw sit sit also has a resemblance to another stone,-- malachite. But whereas malachite has white striations running throughout, maw sit sit's are deeper shades of green and black. It can also exhibit spots of the same colors or even a combination of veins and mottling.

Maw sit sit is rare and isn't easy to find, primarily because it is currently found only in that single location of Burma. Because it is so rare, it is a popular gem among collectors but is not readily available through most jewelers. Because the gem is rare, it is typically set into gold rather than silver. It looks beautiful in either metal color, which explains why a few collectors have also had stones set into platinum. The gemstone is never faceted, but generally cabochon cut or cut into beads. Faceting would destroy the beautiful banding of the stone and detract from is natural glass-like texture.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maw-Sit-Sit is a local name for jade albite from upper Burma.

The name Maw Sit Sit is given by the local people and reminds the locality of origin near Kansi and Namshawa, N-Burma (Myanmar). Previously used names in the west were Jade-Albite or Chloromelanite.

Maw Sit Sit is a rock, composed from at least six different minerals as main constituents. Those can vary greatly in their relatives amounts and therefore the rock may vary strongly in its visual aspect as well as in its specific gravity value.

Although Mawsitsit is relatively unknown gemstone, it is a very hard and durable takes an excellent polish. It can be fashioned as cabochons, beads or bangles, or used for carvings. The only known source of this material is in Burma and top material commands high prices.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maw Sit Sit Rats, Frogs and other fine carvings

Maw Sit Sit is a rare, intense green variety of jadeite found in Tawmaw. The towns of Hpakan and Tawmaw are the main jade mining regions in North-Western Myanmar. Maw Sit Sit is not considered Jade, but is similar in its toughness and the uses made of it and composed of Chrome Jadeite, Ureyite, and Natrolite.

Maw Sit Sit receives its superb green color from Chromium and black swirls from Ureyite. This combination creates specimens with flowing veins of green and black. The dramatic contrast of bright green and black is unique in the gem world.

Maw Sit Sit is used for carvings, like pictured rat, and cut into cabochons for jewelry. Maw Sit Sit is an attractive and very durable gemstone. It is suitable for everyday wear jewelry. However, care should also be taken to avoid contact with chemicals and heat and the use of ultrasonics.