Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maw Sit Sit Rats, Frogs and other fine carvings

Maw Sit Sit is a rare, intense green variety of jadeite found in Tawmaw. The towns of Hpakan and Tawmaw are the main jade mining regions in North-Western Myanmar. Maw Sit Sit is not considered Jade, but is similar in its toughness and the uses made of it and composed of Chrome Jadeite, Ureyite, and Natrolite.

Maw Sit Sit receives its superb green color from Chromium and black swirls from Ureyite. This combination creates specimens with flowing veins of green and black. The dramatic contrast of bright green and black is unique in the gem world.

Maw Sit Sit is used for carvings, like pictured rat, and cut into cabochons for jewelry. Maw Sit Sit is an attractive and very durable gemstone. It is suitable for everyday wear jewelry. However, care should also be taken to avoid contact with chemicals and heat and the use of ultrasonics.

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